The antrophomorphic multi-leg shape represents the extraordinary powers every man would like to have. Moreover, it stands for the demanding man, both difficult to please and sure of himself.

The soft, though geometric figure is stylishly drawn with a pointed and sharp mark, almost an imitation of the burin drawn lines of the early 20th century xylographic engravings or of the first advertisement from Depero of the twenties. It holds a mythological flavour, mysterious, old fashioned, vaguely heraldic.

The antrophomorphic multi-leg shape

The eight legs, just like the mythical octopus's are the hallmark of the brand, easily recallable. The tentacles are symmetrical (elegance) and inward moving. The upper side represents a man, his arms and head are not immediately linkable to the strong part of the logo, so that the total shape is not easy to comprehend (mystery).

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