Sustainability is an issue that is becoming increasingly important in our society and more and more companies are trying to find ways to reduce their environmental impacts

Among the brands that have adopted sustainability practices we find: Stella McCartney, who has chosen to use fibers of natural origin and recycled materials for the realization of her clothes; Patagonia, engaged for years in the fight for the protection of the environment; Save The Duck, adopting a transparent business model and attentive to the responsible management of resources.

At Alto Milano we have been producing high quality socks for 100 years. In recent years, we company have started to focus on sustainability, trying to reduce the waste produced during the production process of socks.

One of the ways Alto Milano is working to reduce waste is through the recovery of production waste, as it is often made up of material that is difficult to recycle

However, we have found alternatives to use this waste sustainably.

The name of this project is Out of Sock, which recalls the concept of waste materials.  

This project includes the decorative bands on the hats of the Alto Milano line , totally composed of socks waste; or the creation of women's sweaters, composed of 100% production waste. And finally, one cannot mention the collection of hand-painted socks, recovered from old white models. 

The passion and care for these projects make Alto Milano an important company, which not only produces high quality socks Made in Italy, but also supports an important path towards sustainability.

We have also compiled a list of goals to be completed by 2030, including: reducing paper consumption to zero by 2025digitizing 80% of the company and creating a relaxed and productive work environment.

Last but not least, a further objective is to fight against climate change and biodiversity loss.

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