The women's sock has never been so glam, Alto Milano is the undisputed manufacturer

The women's sock, the protagonist of the outfit and no longer just an accessory, makes its way through eccentricity, class and attention to detail.

Let's talk about him, the women's sock. The keeper of the mystery of mismatched socks and never found again. Used and overused, despised, snubbed. Forgotten in the corners of the bathroom. From now on, things change. You will touch the quality of our special socks, coming from yarns of the highest quality, 100% made in Italy. The colors, the fabrics, the refinement, come out into the open, without making noise, in an elegant way, provoking, but never flaunting. Elegance spun in a sock.

Calzino da donna guardaroba

The sock, the protagonist of your wardrobe, for work or party. He is there. "Present lady teacher!"

The shots were taken in a villa in Bologna, an ancient barn, with a vintage soul, renewed through the skilful recovery of materials and a commitment to the environment.

So, as the collection wants to be, which refers to the past with a look to the future. Retrospective, if you can say, but futuristic in the use of the brand logo. To give a clear and precise identity, says Giulia, the creative director. "My goal is to give strength to the brand. If in 10 years you open the drawer, you will find a women's sock signed by us, you will immediately notice the quality you have in your hands, the work and passion that we have been putting in place for almost a hundred years".

Grandfather Luigi, in fact, introduced with great creativity operated shirts and lively patterns and Giulia, who represents the fourth generation in the company, feels the need to anchor herself to such solid origins. That's why the new collection designed entirely for the first time by the creative director and granddaughter, is based on elegance and refinement. Sock for chic women , with that pinch of inspiration that impresses AM on your head and in your dreams of everyday life.

Calzino da donna protagonista

The women's sock has no rivals, it steals the scene at all.

The women's sock, functional object par excellence, becomes the real protagonist, like that garment or accessory you can't do without. LV's bag, Celine's glasses, Chanel's dancer. Thus, the Alto socks stands out in the outfits for fall-winter and becomes that detail that helps you get noticed, if you want, or to pamper yourself, if ever, during a working day. It is not seen but it is there, it is hidden, but you recognize it.

The check is the predominant reason of the season, both in men and women. The women's sock is accompanied by lurex that intervenes by scratching, but without ever suffocating. The animalier, the vanisè, the fringes, are proposed in a new and unusual way. The men's style with polka dots, the rugby and Windsor stripe reconfirms the old proposals integrating them with new combinations.

For those who are not afraid to dare and do not fear the most frightening reaction of Miranda Presley, here is revealed La Tacco, already from the name we deduce its purpose. Do you want socks shoes? Or a sock over your shoes? Heel can be worn over a décolleté parading along Via Montenapoleone, putting in crisis every Milanese Influencer who does not understand where the trend started.

Visit the Alto Milano website to discover the new arrivals.

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